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Honeymoon in Cebu – Philippines

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Every couple deserves to live the time for their lives after they get married. Wedding events and other responsibilities can be so stressful for the hosts and especially the bride and the groom. For this reason, many couples plan for a honeymoon in Cebu to take their time off from other duties and enjoy each other’s company and also, they can use this time to relax or to have some peaceful time with each other, away from the rest of the world.

It is their special time, since after getting married, everybody starts a new chapter in their life, and the first few days count as the most meaningful days in any couple’s new journey. They want to cherish their beautiful memories together, and if those memories are associated with the most breathtaking places in the world, then the time becomes even more treasured.  

We take this opportunity to suggest to you the most stunning honeymoon destinations where you can take your loved one and fulfil your promises of a lovely journey. Our destination guides and places will make your stay worthwhile, and every moment will become a recollection that you will hold on to forever, and for this, we have just the place for you: Cebu.

Cebu has a lot places fo discover for a perfect honeymoon

Where is Cebu?

Cebu is a province located in the heart of the Philippines, which is the Region VII, the Central Visayas region. It is one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines, with over 150 smaller islands that make up the Cebu province including Cebu island which is the 126th largest island in the world and the 9th largest in the Philippines. The capital city of the Cebu province is Cebu City which has become the hub for the economy of the province and the major tourist destination in the country.

The breathtaking and picturesque sceneries have rendered it one of the top vacation spots in the world. If you have not visited Cebu yet, then this should be your next must-visit place in the world. Cebu province is surrounded by beaches, fishing grounds, a series of islets and coral reefs that will make your Cebu honeymoon a pleasant treat to break from your routine. Our attractive Cebu honeymoon packages are what will make you want to go to Cebu.

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Best time for your Cebu honeymoon

Cebu is a tropical island so a honeymoon in Cebu would be ideal if you are looking for a nice summer tan and sunny days that are perfect for the beach. Therefore, the best time to visit Cebu is during the summers, because the tropical climate makes Cebu hot and humid. On the other hand, the wet season can bring heavy rain, so if you are a fan of the rainy season, then a  Cebu honeymoon will be a classic honeymoon for you. But be aware that typhoon season can also mean delays and changes to travel plans due to possible flight and ferry cancellations. , Beginning in December, the “winter” season brings fresh breezy nights and cooler temperatures during the day with less humidity.

Another reason to visit during the winter season is because of the Sinulog festival that takes place on every third Sunday of January. The word Sinulog means ‚graceful dance‘, and it is a traditional festival that celebrates their past and their religion. Every year thousands of Filipinos and other people from around the globe arrive in Cebu to witness the ‘mother of all festivals’ as they call it and it never stops to amaze how colorful and spectacular the festival can be. Hence, it is very much recommended for you to visit during this period for your Cebu honeymoon and take full benefit from our Cebu honeymoon packages.

Cebu Moalboal

Moalboal is a small municipality located by the seaside. One of the fascinating reasons why you should visit Moalboal during your Cebu honeymoon is because of the diverse variety offered to scuba divers and snorkelers. Many divers reach Moalboal from every corner of the world to experience the extraordinary marine life and diving opportunities. But if you cannot swim or dive, then do not worry, Moalboal has something to offer for everyone.

Kayaks are widely used at the beaches in Moalboal, and you can rent a kayak and paddle around all day exploring marine life at the beaches. The most popular beaches in Moalboal are Lambug beach and White beach. While many tourists stay in Moalboal for its activities, they are also there to enjoy Panagsama beach.

In general, Moalboal is easy on the pockets, and it provides great facilities such as the restaurants and bars where you get your food and drinks from. The local market around Moalboal is even cheaper and great in quality, and the people are really friendly and hospitable. The great part is, the accommodation is also very affordable, and the hotels and resorts are of top-notch. You can find good rooms and breakfasts with budget-friendly rates. 

The nightlife in Moalboal is something else. As the sun goes down, the magic happens. You can enjoy the cold breeze in your face and party on a beach with live music and dance and lights. Every night at the Moalboal beaches feels surreal. You can have the time of your lives, that too, with your favorite person right next to you, because love is in the air for every Cebu honeymoon and vacation with our exceptional Cebu honeymoon packages.

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Cebu honeymoon destinations

Cebu remains one of the top honeymoon destinations of Asia. The thrilling adventure and the awe-inspiring scenery at Cebu will leave you in a reverie, and it will make you never want to leave. And if you have decided on a  Cebu honeymoon, then we are here to help you look for the best places that will make your stay even better and more memorable. 

Keep reading to find the 10 best places you can go to during your Cebu honeymoon and are also included in the Cebu honeymoon packages.

10 best places to visit in Cebu

1. Fuerza de San Pedro

Your trip to Cebu is incomplete if you have not visited the famous Fuerza de San Pedro. It is one of the most popular places that tourists visit because of the rich history attached to it. It is a fort that was built by the Spanish people in 1565 to keep themselves safe from the attacks of the invaders. The astounding architecture and the detailing of the ancient building is a place that is a must for you to visit during your Cebu honeymoon. The fort has three gates, out of which two open up to the sea, and the remaining one gate opens to land. This fort holds a special place in the hearts of the tourists.

2. Magellan´s cross and Lapu-Lapu Shrine

The Magellan’s cross was erected by the Spanish on the request of the Portuguese emperor to signify their conquest. Later, it was shifted into a chapel to protect it from destruction or theft; therefore, if you want to look at the Magellan’s cross, you have to visit the chapel from the inside, which again will leave you open-mouthed because the interior of the chapel is beautiful. The paintings on the roof of the chapel throw light on the history of the cross and why it is protected. The chapel is located on the Magallene’s street in Cebu city. 

The Lapu-Lapu shrine is named after the fighting grandmaster who taught people new techniques of fighting that are still practiced and enjoyed by the Filipinos even today.

3. Heritage of Cebu Monument

The monument is dedicated to showcase the events of the Philippines’ past to the people of the world. The intriguing history of the Cebu monument attracts tourists, and once you visit this place during your Cebu honeymoon with your loved one, then you will realize the importance of this monument. Inside this monument are sculptures made by Eduardo Catrillo that are symbolic of the heritage of Cebu.

4. Cebu Taoist Temple

Apart from Christianity in the region, many people in the Philippines were influenced by the Chinese religion, Taoist Temple was built to symbolize their beliefs and culture. The architect of this temple is different from most places you will find in Cebu.

5. Sirao Flower Garden

The most lovable place to spend your time during your Cebu honeymoon is the Sirao Flower Garden, this place is made for lovers and honeymooners to explore the beauty surrounded by hundreds of different types of flowers, and the colors are a treat to the eyes.

6. Taboan Market

Taboan market is a very popular market place in the whole of Cebu because of the wide variety they have to offer of dried fish. Many tourists come here to look at the display of this huge market full of delicacies, and the good part is, every rich or poor can afford these fine goods from the Taboan Market, and walking through the streets of this market during your Cebu honeymoon sounds like a fun idea.

7. Basilica del Sto. Nino

It is the oldest church present in the Philippines that stands. This church holds great importance in spreading Christianity in the region. Hence, it holds a significant place in the hearts of many Christians, and it also manages to attract thousands of tourists each year because of the relics, altars, the paintings, the majestic interior and the ample space for worshippers from around the globe. Though the church had an impact after an earthquake, it still stands as beautiful as ever because renovations were made to preserve the historical place.

8. Pescador Island

The island is known as Pescador because of the abundance of fish on the island, and Pescador itself means ‚fishermen‘ as fishermen would come here and catch fish, but for honeymooners, this place can serve as a delight because of the magnificent scenery and the diverse marine life. If you come to this island during your Cebu honeymoon, you will for sure make some memories you will never be able to forget.

9. Kawasan Waterfalls

It is located in Badian town in Cebu and works as the main pull for tourists from around the world for its blue water that will enhance your swimming experience especially with your loved one and make you feel like swimming in Paradise. You can swim in this crystal clear and refreshing water when you come here for your Cebu honeymoon, then you will also see how the luscious forest accentuates the beauty of this place.

10. Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

A treat for the catholic faith, but a divine architecture for most. This cathedral was completed in 2009 after many hindrances in its building, but now if you go there, you will still be able to sense the majestic vibe you get from it.

Cebu Honeymoon Resorts

Depending on where exactly you are spending your honeymoon in Cebu (Cebu City or Cebu Island), there are different romantic resorts that are suitable for you. It is best, if you tell us your individual wishes and we will create a proposal together with you.

In the following we present you two amazing Cebu honeymoon resorts as examples:

Crimson Resort and Spa

This resort is located only 20 minutes’ drive away from the international airport of Cebu. A combination of luxury, style and comfort will make your stay even more valuable for your Cebu honeymoon. There are more than 250 guest rooms along with 40 villas, along with restaurants, beach and spa for your services. The resort is located close to the Mactan shrine. Avail the Cebu honeymoon packages to enjoy these luxuries.

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Dolphin House

This resort needs no introduction, its association with the white beach in Moalboal is enough to tell how extraordinary this place will be. Our Cebu honeymoon packages will provide you with amazing deals to benefit from during your Cebu honeymoon. From accommodation, restaurants and the activities at this resort is a promising deal to add more meaning to your Cebu honeymoon. Get some impressions from Dolphin House!

Crimson Resort and Spa Birdview
Enjoy a perfect honeymoon in the Dolphin House in Moalboal