Island View Beachfront Resort – Anda


Need to make your honeymoon experience progressively important and with full fervor? One of the best places where you will be able to spend it is in Island View Beachfront resort located in the municipality of Anda, Bohol, Philippines!
It is a little scale, unassuming, and quiet hideaway where you endeavor to give gourmet unwinding in a staggering beachfront condition, alongside access to probably the best characteristic magnificence and social charms that exist in the Indo-Pacific locale. In this resort, there are many activities where both of you can enjoy such as water sports, snorkeling, reef diving, windsurfing. Explore the area with its naturalistic beauty.
Island View Beachfront Resort

Discover Your Tailor-Made Luxury Honeymoon

A bunch of activities to discover at the Island View Beachfront resort

It offers the arrangement of diving expeditions on the reef and can give swimming rigging to you to appreciate the waters straightforwardly before the retreat. At the point when the tide is low or rough, you can make the most of the 20-m skyline pool. It has kayaks and outriggers for investigating the reef as well. Beachcombing or meandering along the seashore to Anda is continually fulfilling.

On the other hand, if you and your partner might want to do more explorations, the Chocolate Hills and the Philippine Tarsiers are a must-visit. You may also choose to simply explore the inside of Bohol, which therefore offers organized motorbikes or a vehicle with a well-disposed and educated driver so that your focus will just be on the beauty of the nature that it gives.

Cottages at Island View Beachfront Resort
Pool at the Island View Beachfront Resort

Jazz, old-world wines and an incredible menu at the Island View Beachfront resort

In the same vein, it offers an incredible menu that incorporates determinations of mainstream Philippine, South East Asian, and International cooking. You can feast in the open upstairs eatery ignoring the reef and the Bohol Ocean or at the Aninipot (fire-fly) Beach Bar.

Further, the bar is all around loaded and has a decent determination of new and old-world wines just as mixed drinks. These can be delighted in the night times, with scenery of inconspicuous fine Jazz music, at your eating table or with companions at the bar.