Honeymoon Philippines

Design your Dream Honeymoon in the Philippines

Philippines Honeymoon – the most wonderful honeymoon of your life

A Philippines Honeymoon is a very special vacation as it is the first one after getting married. It brings in a lot of memories which a couple cherishes together for the rest of their lives. It has to be perfect as a couple starts their new journey together.

There are many honeymoon destinations; some are overrated, some are underrated, and some are still undiscovered. Let´s discover the Philippines honeymoon destinations and the Philippines Honeymoon Packages now together!

The Philippines is a place which can make your honeymoon worthwhile, and you leave this place with your hearts filled
with love and gratitude. If you are planning a honeymoon, then this article will be helpful for you. While finalising the destination with your partner, keep the Philippines on the table. Keep reading to know why.

If you want to meet nature and adventure together in one place, then the Philippines is the place to be. It is sure to
give you the best time of your lives. There could be no place better than the Philippines for spending your precious moments together during your honeymoon.

Honeymoon couple is enjoying the amazing sunset on Pamilacan Island

Why choose a Honeymoon in the Philippines?

After all the stressful wedding preparations and busy events, a couple only needs to relax and unwind together on their honeymoon. The Philippines is a place which has over 7,000 islands which is a treat for the eyes, the mind, and the soul. It is a place where nature and adventure come together to give you a lifetime experience.

The Philippines is a place where you will fall in love not only with your partner but with the place as well. It is a place where love is in the air and happiness is all around. Philippines honeymoon will stay in your heart forever. Here is why you should pick the Philippines as your honeymoon destination.

All about the Philippines

The Philippines is an island country located in the Southeast part of the Asian continent. It touches the western side of the Pacific Ocean. It has an extensive group of over 7,641 islands
which makes it an archipelago. It is the 5th largest island country in the world. The Philippines has a total land area of 300,000 square
kilometres. The largest island of the Philippines is Luzon, and it is spread on about 105,000 square kilometres.

The Philippines is neighbours with Taiwan, Japan, Palau, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, and Vietnam. The Philippines is a place where you will see a unique blend of cultures and races. This unique blend was created by the Spaniards, Arabs, Malays, Chinese, Hindus and Americans. They all interacted to make the Philippines a cultural crossroad which it has become since then.

The Philippines and its climate

The climate of the Philippines is tropical throughout the year. It has two seasons during the year, i.e. the wet season and the dry season. There are some areas in the Philippines that experience
rain throughout the year. Whereas some get to experience the dry season as
well. Humidity levels increase from May to October. That’s when the monsoon strikes and the climate becomes even more humid.

Best time to visit

The Philippines has more tourist activity during the dry season, i.e. from November till April. Honeymooners who want to make the most out of their trip should plan it during the dry season as the whole country becomes accessible during this time. You can travel to the beautiful islands and even go to the remote areas which have the most exotic views.

If you want good value for money, then try travelling during the months May and Nove